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If you think smoke damage is tough to clean, try a home with 30+ years of heavy smoking. The ODOROX Boss works great; I ran it during the entire week of the cleanup. I worked in it each day, 6-10 hrs per day, without any side effects. There is definitely not the metallic taste you get in your mouth with an ozone machine.

The homeowners have been in and out, and have commented on how good the home is smelling. I am very impressed with the unit.

Bryan Swallow
Winners Circle Restoration Training


A note from the Odorox® Hydroxyl Group:

As Bryan stated in his Odorox Hydroxyl Generator Testimonial, he was able to run the Odorox® Boss™ machine during the entire cleanup. This is one of the many pros for all of Odorox Hydroxyl Groups machines. Unlike ozone machines, atmospheric hydroxyls are safe for people, animals, and plants. This is a huge advantage for restoration companies, workers, homeowners, or building owners because work can resume before, during, and after the hydroxyl machines have been put in place.

As for ozone machines, the space, all contents within, and people must be vacant while machines are in operation. This can increase restoration cleanup and add costs to the building owner, homeowner, or insurance company's claim.

For more information on hydroxyl generators, please check out our Hydroxyl Generator Guide. This outlines all of the pros and cons for hydroxyl generators and more information about how hydroxyl generators work.

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