Success Stories

Here is what our clients experienced using the Odorox® technology:

While the independent research speaks for itself, the actual field results speak the loudest regarding the Odorox® patented technology.



Commercial Fire and Water Damage in Fuquay

PHC Restoration was called to a commercial building in Fuquay-Varina at 2:00 am on Thursday, July 4, 2019 due to a fire in our client’s warehouse. The fire activated the sprinkler system, and once the fire trucks arrived, more water was used to extinguish the fire. Once the smoke cleared, the clients were left with a considerable amount of standing water and a significant fire odor, affecting over 50,000 square feet of their business.

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Moore Restoration Uses Odorox Hydroxyl for Massive Task

logo"I thought there would be no possible way the restaurant could open up the next day. But once we set up the hydroxyl machine, the odors were controlled, they were eliminated. Within 7 hours of the machine running it had changed my mind completely. In the end, the restaurant did reopen the following day at noon. Without the hydroxyl machine it would not have been possible."

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Fox Theatre Fire - The Show Goes On


Catco Restoration Company worked around the clock to remove fire and smoke odors and clean up after a 3 alarm fire early Sunday morning at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, MO.

St. Louis firefighters responded at 5 a.m. to a fire in the mechanical room above the theater lobby. The Fox Theatre lobby had the greatest amount of fire damage but the smoke odor and residue spread throughout the theatre, covering approximately 5,000,000 cubic feet.

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DKI Member, Cousino Harris, Impressed by Odorox Hydroxyl Machine


Jonathan B. Launder of the Cousino Harris restoration company commented on his impression of our Odorox® Hydroxyl odor eliminating machines, "I have ten years experience as an estimator, trainer, and general manager of a 3 million dollar+ cleaning and restoration firm.

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Cabela’s Fire - Odorox Hydroxyl Machines Tackle Large Facility


An early morning fire shut down Cabela's, one of the state of Michigan's biggest tourist destinations. The fire broke out inside the 225,000 square foot Cabela’s facility in Dundee, MI at 2:30 a.m. in a light fixture above the clothing department and spread soot and smoke odor throughout the interior of the retail building. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the fire that started in a ceiling light fixture.

The smoke and chemicals used to put out the flames spread a sooty film throughout the store and accordingly the clothing all had to go. The Rainbow International Restoration Company of Monroe, MI quickly arrived on the scene to clean and deodorize the entire store, including the many animal mounts and other contents, and the store was reopened in 4 days. Odorox hydroxyl machines were used throughout the facility to eliminate the smoke and soot odors and deodorize the structure and contents, including the HVAC ducting.

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Disaster Cleanup Contractor - Fuel Oil Spill

Timothy Devine of the EMS Restoration Company talks about his experience treating fuel oil odors.

"After two days, there was a noticeable reduction in odor and after five days, the odor was completely gone.  This impressed not only me, but the homeowner, oil company, and the environmental engineer sent to monitor the air quality."

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