Hydroxyl Review - Deluxe Furniture and Rugs Fire Rescue

Our Rug & Home shop, (a furniture retailer) had an electrical fire on the upper level and did a lot of smoke and soot damage throughout the store, a lot of odor … layers of soot over everything. I wasn’t really familiar with the product… we know what the (damaging) effect of ozone has, it’s pretty common in our industry… but the hydroxyl was a whole different animal for us. It’s very safe… and it did a super job right off the bat.

Less than a week later, we are getting ready to open up the downstairs. (Hydroxyls) saved all of the carpets, got everything clean… fantastic.

Steve Gallo
Rug & Home Shop Representative


Additional Information about Odorox Hydroxyls

As Steve has stated in his testimonial, ozone has damaging effects on materials contained in both furniture and rugs. Unlike ozone, Hydroxyl Technology has no damaging effects on materials, especially sensitive materials such as leather and rubber, that can be found in furniture and rugs. This is not to be taken lightly as a loss in inventory is not an option for many business owners.

How can Odorox's Hydroxyl Generators help you with your odor elimination? Contact us today to talk more on how the hydroxyl technology can improve an otherwise unpleasant situation.

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