Paul Davis National Gets Creative with Hard to Reach Areas


Fire officials responded to a small fire in the gymnasium area of Waukesha North High School on Thursday morning, August 1st.

According to Jay Murphy of Paul Davis National Restoration Company , the fire originated in gymnasium from spontaneous combustion as a result of workers throwing chemical cleaning rags into a plastic bag and throwing the bag in a corner overnight.

Murphy noted that smoke odors had spread throughout the 250,000 square foot facility. Initially we scattered Odorox® XL3 units around the school to reduce the odor just so workers could get started without being overcome by smoke odor” commented Murphy. “After that we had to try to come up with a way of getting hydroxyl’s behind the locker banks to eliminate the odor there, and finally, we had to figure out a way of treating above-ceiling cavities that could not be reached to do traditional cleaning. These challenges were addressed by using concentrated hydroxyl treatments.”

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