Success Stories

Here is what our clients experienced using the Odorox® technology:

While the independent research speaks for itself, the actual field results speak the loudest regarding the Odorox® patented technology.



Print Shop Manager Odorox Review - Intense Chemical Odors

I can’t thank Odorox enough. I was skeptical that their hydroxyl generator would actually help with such intense chemicals in my print shop. I’ve tried other remedies in the past but none worked. I noticed a dramatic difference in the first couple of hours, and by the next day my shop smelled fresh and clean. I am truly amazed! I no longer have headaches and chronic fatigue. My neighbors, a flower shop, have noticed a big difference as well. I would not hesitate to recommend hydroxyl generators to anyone suffering from air quality problems.

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Day Care Fire, Back In Business Same Day

I write this letter with total amazement and satisfaction of our recent use of Hydroxyl Air Solutions.

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Property Manager - Paint And Chemical Fumes During Construction

Thank you so much for introducing me to your product! Since ordering the M.D.U. for our office, I’ve noticed an amazing difference in the air quality.

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Disaster Cleanup Contractor- Versatility, Even Trapped Nicotine Odors

PuroClean of Tampa Bay, FL has had the opportunity to work with a hydroxyl generator that was purchased from Tom McArdle of Odorox Hydroxyl Group. We have used it with fires, mold damage, and smoke odor removal.

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Real Estate Broker Uses Odorox Hydroxyl Generators To Help Sell House

I want to thank you for the work you did on my listing in Hollinswood subdivision. We had a house with major odor issues, including cigarette smoke. After your team installed their hydroxyl generators you cannot tell that anyone ever smoked in the house. You also took care of all the other odors in the house, as well as, the odors in all of the owner’s furniture and content. The house smells like a brand new place! Selling a house with smoke and odors is very difficult and fortunately that won’t be an issue in the sale of my client’s home. They thank you as do I.

I will happily refer you to all of my agents and clients.

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Odorox Mobile Disinfectant Unit Helps Woman Who Suffered from a Diabetic Stroke

My mother suffered a diabetic stroke in February 2005. Her blood sugars have been a constant battle since that date. A friend of mine spoke about the MDU (Mobile Disinfectant Unit). We had nothing to lose so we installed it in my mother’s bedroom. Almost immediately our mother’s breathing began to improve and within days… [her] blood sugars had returned to levels under 10, a spectacular improvement… [The MDU] has performed way beyond our wildest expectations. I will and do recommend this technology to anyone seeking improved health… the proof is clearly in what you do.

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Odorox Removes Smoke and Pet Odors

Recently we acquired a three level, 6,000 sq. ft. home which had a significant nicotine and lingering pet odor. The nicotine smell was so strong that it was repelling and noticeably unpleasant. The Odorox® machines were placed on Friday with a few extra fans to circulate the air. On Monday the odor was completely gone. Even the drapes no longer smelled like smoke. The process was very simple, and I really like the fact that they are not using any chemicals at all. I can see many other applications for this technology, especially in our real estate industry.

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Realtor Selling Home With Nicotine Smell

I just wanted to relay to you how well the XL3 Unit worked for us. After selling our home we rented a friend’s home for 6 months until finding our new home. Although my husband and I don’t smoke, our adult son did so in one room of the rental home. Our friend had told us that they would not permit smoking but he did so anyway against our wishes. The smoking was done in the basement bathroom and although we scrubbed the entire room down using TSP on the ceiling, walls and floor, the smell remained in that bathroom.

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Property Manager - 24 Story Condo Building With Trash Room Odors

The problematic air quality control problems were reversed and an immediate improvement was noted. Above and beyond the successful resolution of a very problematic air quality control problem, City 24 realized the added benefit of a significantly reduced house electric bill.

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Baymont Inn & Suites - Hotel Smoking Rooms

On Thursday, July 2, 2009 we had Odorox Environmental come to our Hotel and deploy the use of an XL3 in one of our smoking rooms that we have set aside for our smoking guests. In general, these dedicated smoking rooms maintain an odor of smoke that is very difficult to eradicate through our current cleaning efforts which consist of treating rooms with labor, chemicals and an ozone machine.

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