Realtor Selling Home With Nicotine Smell

Boss_XL3I just wanted to relay to you how well the XL3 Unit worked for us. After selling our home we rented a friend’s home for 6 months until finding our new home. Although my husband and I don’t smoke, our adult son did so in one room of the rental home. Our friend had told us that they would not permit smoking but he did so anyway against our wishes. The smoking was done in the basement bathroom and although we scrubbed the entire room down using TSP on the ceiling, walls and floor, the smell remained in that bathroom.

Two weeks after moving out and the house being closed up, a realtor showing the house to a prospective client said that it smelled like cigarette smoke all over the house. I went to the house and indeed the smell had migrated up into the kitchen and family room.

In looking for a resolution I found your website and wondered if it could truly rectify the problem. I discussed the situation with Jana who instructed me on what could be done and exactly how to go about it. I got the machine, set it up (it was simple) and turned it on aiming the fan at the bathroom. Within 24 hours, went to the house, walked into the family room/kitchen area and the house smelled fresh and clean! I went to the basement bathroom and it, too, smelled clean and that smell reminded me of a clean water smell, hard to describe but very pleasant. After that I went to the second floor of the house, two stories away from where the machine had been running and it smelled very fresh. I let the XL3 work its magic for 2 more days just to make sure.

It was amazing how the house smelled, all odors were gone…the smoke, cooking smells, dog smells and musty smells from the house being closed up. The house is 12 years old and has the original carpet that looks worn and dirty. It also is in need of painting and upgrades and yet a prospective buyer looked at it the day after the XL3 was removed and the written comment from their realtor stated “The house seemed clean and well taken care of”. The homeowner and I believe it was the clean smell that prompted that comment!

Thanks again for all you did for me. You were great to work with, knowledgeable about the product and very personable. And the result we got from the machine was like a miracle!

Carol Schumacher, Home Owner
Maineville, OH

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