Odorox Mobile Disinfectant Unit Helps Woman Who Suffered from a Diabetic Stroke

My mother suffered a diabetic stroke in February 2005. Her blood sugars have been a constant battle since that date. A friend of mine spoke about the MDU (Mobile Disinfectant Unit). We had nothing to lose so we installed it in my mother’s bedroom. Almost immediately our mother’s breathing began to improve and within days… [her] blood sugars had returned to levels under 10, a spectacular improvement… [The MDU] has performed way beyond our wildest expectations. I will and do recommend this technology to anyone seeking improved health… the proof is clearly in what you do.

Dennis Osbourne


Odorox Equipment is available in a wide range of options to fit both individual and company needs

As Dennis has described above, Odorox not only offers odor elimination equipment and machines to disaster restoration companies but we also offer equipment to individuals and residential homes for personal use. The Mobile Disinfectant Unit that Dennis is referring to is the equipment featured on our Products page.

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