Odorox Removes Smoke and Pet Odors

Recently we acquired a three level, 6,000 sq. ft. home which had a significant nicotine and lingering pet odor. The nicotine smell was so strong that it was repelling and noticeably unpleasant. The Odorox® machines were placed on Friday with a few extra fans to circulate the air. On Monday the odor was completely gone. Even the drapes no longer smelled like smoke. The process was very simple, and I really like the fact that they are not using any chemicals at all. I can see many other applications for this technology, especially in our real estate industry.

Matt Cohoat
The Estridge Companies


About Odorox's Technology

To expand on Matt's testimonial - he briefly touched on the fact that Odorox's Hydroxyl Generators with Odorox's Technology, does not use any chemicals. How is this possible?

We'd love to explain it in basic terms but that is difficult without using some industry lingo. As best as we can break it down, Odorox has developed at patented technology that is able to replicate the creation of atmospheric hydroxyl radicals. These hydroxyl radicals are often called "nature's broom" because of their ability to cleanse the atmosphere of pollutants.

Now as in nature, hydroxyls have the ability to decompose inorganic and organic compounds both in the air (gasses and aerosols) and in surfaces; where they come in contact with the compounds.

We have an informational video on our Odorox Technology webpage to visually take you through this process. We have only touched the surface of this technology. Not only is it safe, but it's incredibly easy (as Matt has described above) to set up.

Check out our video on our Odorox Technology page

For more information or to speak with a representative from Odorox Hydroxyl Group, please call us at 888-479-7607 or email us at info@odoroxhg.com. We'd be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Safety and the health of you, your family, your employees, and your pets is our ultimate concern and responsibility.

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