Hydroxyls Called to Action: No More Unappealing Odor at Banana Boat

Had a fire at Banana Boat restaurant and needed 10 hydroxyls and they were delivered that night. We could only run during off hours as they did not close the business. Place smelled awful! Within 3 days (1.5 of use) the smell was totally gone. Awesome!

Doug Mitchell

Insurance Repair Specialists


A note from the Odorox Hydroxyl Group:

As Doug stated in his hydroxyl generator review, he needed multiple hydroxyl generators delivered right away - not tomorrow, not next week, but the same night as they were notified of the fire loss!

We provide sales, rental, and on-site support at a moments notice. Our 24/7 emergency sales and large loss support, including Large Industrial Equipment, is here to help you with any project - anywhere in the United States.

Ideal for any type of commercial fire and water cleanup project including hospitals and medical facilities, apartment and multi-family housing, apartment buildings, condos, hotels, big box retail stores and buildings, schools and universities, manufacturing and industrial warehouse facilities, churches, theaters, and more. 

Purchase Odorox Hydroxyl Generators or rent them today - call 888-479-7607 immediately for emergency sales and rentals. 

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