Print Shop Manager Odorox Review - Intense Chemical Odors

I can’t thank Odorox enough. I was skeptical that their hydroxyl generator would actually help with such intense chemicals in my print shop. I’ve tried other remedies in the past but none worked. I noticed a dramatic difference in the first couple of hours, and by the next day my shop smelled fresh and clean. I am truly amazed! I no longer have headaches and chronic fatigue. My neighbors, a flower shop, have noticed a big difference as well. I would not hesitate to recommend hydroxyl generators to anyone suffering from air quality problems.

David Bell
PA Printing Inc.


A note from the Odorox Hydroxyl Group:

Odorox Technology is extremely effective. As you read in David's testimonial, as a result of the intense chemical odors that were present in his print shop, he was suffering from headaches and chronic fatigue. Odorox's Hydroxyl Generators don't require any chemicals, filters, oils, masking agents, fogging, or sprays. Just plug it in and turn it on!

Among the many pros for hydroxyl generators, these machines are safe to run while people, pets, plants, and other sensitive materials are present. This is just one of the main reasons disaster restoration companies prefer Odorox Hydroxyl Generators to Ozone Machines. Due to the hydroxyl machines ability to safely run during the restoration and cleanup process; workers can continue to restore the property - reducing the length of the loss and the costs being billed to the client or insurance claim.

For more information, click here to learn about more advantages of Odorox Hydroxyl Generators and how they work or check out our Hydroxyl Generator Guide page - this page explains a completely unbiased overview of hydroxyl generators.

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