Disaster Cleanup Contractor - Residential Fire, Residents Remain In Home

Loss Description: Residential protein fire (bacon grease fire)

We were working on a residential fire which had heavy smoke odor in the kitchen & living room. The rest of home had medium to moderate smoke. The air conditioning unit was on. Our customer complained that they had respiratory problems even before the fire and claimed it was more pronounced after the fire. We explained the features and benefits of the Hydroxyl and the natural process of how it works.

They were excited that they could stay in their home while the machines operated since they had several children and pets that they would not be able to find temporary homes for. We set the equipment for 5 days and when we returned it was evident that the order was gone and the customer was happy. Customer commented that the initial respiratory issues had dissipated.  We did have concerns about the customer staying in this environment but are now sold on the claim of the ability to work/reside while the Hydroxyl machines do their thing. We ended up purchasing 3 machines with the intent to purchase more in the near future.

Thank you Odorox for this innovative “green technology” equipment!

Hays & Sons Restoration Department
Indianapolis, Indiana



A note from Odorox Hydroxyl Group:

This is just one of the multitude of benefits of hydroxyl generators - people, pets, plants, and all of your belongings are completely safe to be near and around while the hydroxyl machines when turned on and running. 

The Odorox® Technology is different from Ozone and other systems that are on the market. Mimicking nature's natural ability to recreate molecules in our atmosphere, our patented technology replicates the natural production of hydroxyls to completely eliminate biological and chemical contaminants. Odorox Hydroxyl Generators are powerful enough to eliminate more odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than ozone, chlorine dioxide, foggers, chemicals, oils, and all other masking agents.

For more information or to speak with a Odorox Hydroxyl Group representative, please email info@odoroxhg.com and we arrange for you to have all of your questions answered by our experts.

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