Disaster Cleanup Contractor- Versatility, Even Trapped Nicotine Odors

PuroClean logoPuroClean of Tampa Bay, FL has had the opportunity to work with a hydroxyl generator that was purchased from Tom McArdle of Odorox Hydroxyl Group. We have used it with fires, mold damage, and smoke odor removal.

The Odorox technology has really added to our “tool set” and has worked very successfully to improve the outcomes of our emergency cleanups.

But, even more, it has been a privilege to work with Tom and Michael McArdle. They are tremendously responsive and supportive to our business needs. Time and time again they have gone “over and above” to help us get the job done more quickly with exceptional results. Soon after we purchased our first Odorox generator, we used it in a condo where one of the owner had been a heavy smoker for over 15 years.

Unfortunately, the owner had painted over the nicotine stains and the odor on their walls, thereby, locking in the smoke odor. When our one machine could not clean it, Tom and Mike brought 3 more machines to get rid of the smoke odor completely. In addition, they came out daily to the condo to check how it was working and kept following up to see what else they could do.

Both Mike and Tom are exceptional business colleagues. We look forward to working with them, and their technology, long into the future. If any customers would like to contact us to discuss the product in more detail, Ali and I would be happy to speak with potential clients.


Additional Information

Odorox Hydroxyl Generators and the Odorox Technology can be hard to understand. We try to break it down on our How Hydroxyls Work webpage. To try and explain the Odorox Technology, odors that have been absorbed, or painted over as PuroClean had experienced in this testimonial, by a porous material (in this case, drywall), are interacting with molecules outside of the machine that are not the same as the hydroxyls produced inside the machine.

There is a great video walking you through this amazing process and we'd love for you to check it out.

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