Day Care Fire, Back In Business Same Day

I write this letter with total amazement and satisfaction of our recent use of Hydroxyl Air Solutions.

I am the director of an Ear/v Childhood Center serving children ages eighteen months to age twelve. Our school operates Monday through Friday from 7:30a.m. to 6:00p.m. We have an enrollment of 250 children and reach out to our families as a safe, loving, educational facility meeting every child’s needs. Recently we had the misfortune of a small fire in our custodial room. The fire itself only damaged one room, however, the smoke damage spread throughout the entire school causing an overall smell of burnt wood.

We were devastated as we walked through our school by the strong smell. We needed to do something fast so the children could return to school without any health risks from the residual of the smoke or smell.

This was when we were introduced to Mr. Michael McArdle of Hydroxyl Air Solutions. Mr. McArdle was compassionate and understanding of our emotional upset as well as the physical damage to our school. He jumped right in to help. Within 24 hours we noticed a marked reduction in smell and this enabled us to open our school and not displace any children from our loving environment. The air machines used were quiet and non invasive in our classrooms. Mr. McArdle continued to monitor the progress which was amazing. He was in and out of our school at all hours of the day and night assuring that all was well and that his machines were steadily doing their jobs. By the end of day there was just a faint smell left in the main part of the school and all was as normal as it could be considering the event.

I would highly recommend Hydroxyl Air Solutions to everyone in need. This system single handedly enabled us to continue to operate within hours after the fire without any danger to our precious little ones, staff or parents. It basically saved our business and allowed the families that relied on us to continue to do so without Interruption. If you would like to speak to me personally or have any questions, please feel free to call me directly at (813) 282-4744.

Cathy Worthy
Seaborn Day School Director

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