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5 Reasons That Professional Fire Restoration Can Protect You and Your Business

Posted by Tom McArdle on 5/26/21

If your home or business experiences a fire, you may consider doing some, or perhaps even all of the fire damage clean-up yourself. Trying to do the repairs yourself is a dangerous idea. Most people are unaware of the potential health hazards after a fire, as well as the complex process for rebuilding. 

why-its-important-to-use-restoration-professionals-after-a-fire-odorox-hydroxyl-groupThe great news is that a professional fire restoration company can help create a smooth process and salvage your personal belongings or corporate assets. Their end goal is to bring your building back to its original structure and look. Here are 5 reasons why you should partner with a professional restoration contractor after any fire in your home or business.

1. Protect Your Health

After a fire is put out, the air within the space is quite toxic. The smoke and soot left behind are hazardous materials. Soot can contain cancer-causing chemicals because it is the leftover particles from plastics, textiles, wood, foam, and other household materials that don’t burn cleanly. During the cleanup process, exposure to soot is at its highest. If not cleaned thoroughly, your space can be unsafe for your health for years. 

Fire restoration specialists are fully equipped with protective gear as they go through the burned-out space. They have protective gear like masks, gloves, and boots that are certified for handling soot and items that have been damaged by smoke or fire.

2. Make Your Space Safe with Special Equipment

Cleaning up after a fire requires special equipment and processes. You can’t simply wipe away soot with regular cleaning products. Every surface affected by fire, soot, or smoke now has unhealthy chemical odors you might not even be able to smell that are in the air and need to be removed. 

Professional restoration contractors use specialized equipment to remove these toxins, one of which is hydroxyl generators. These generators produce oxidizing gasses that break apart odor molecules and eliminate a very broad range of odors and VOCs. 

The hydroxyl radicals blast away harmful chemicals in the air, making the environment safer for the work crew. The really amazing thing about this specialized equipment is that they eliminate odors in the structure of the building as well as those that are absorbed into the contents. 

3. Limit Even More Damage to Your Property

A professional fire restoration company usually comes out immediately to assess the property to understand the severity of the damage. This helps them limit even more damage to your property. They can board up exposed windows, doors, and burned-down walls. 

Many times they will need to put a huge tarp over the roof so that more items can be salvaged inside instead of getting destroyed by being exposed to the elements while you are waiting for contractors and materials to rebuild. They can also turn off utilities like water, electricity, and gas to keep any more damage occurring from burnt-out pipes or new electrical fires.

4. Keep Belongings with Advanced Recovery Techniques

If you were to walk through the aftermath of a fire, trying to salvage items, you could mistakenly throw away things that are able to be recovered. Someone who is not a professional might sift through damaged belongings and think most of them need to be thrown away. 

But, professional fire restoration contractors have advanced recovery techniques that can help you minimize your loss. Many items that appear to be destroyed can actually be packed and stored in plastic sheeting and then blasted with hydroxyl radicals to remove heavy odors and harsh VOCs. With items that are unrecoverable, a professional fire restoration specialist will be able to dispose of the items properly to avoid unnecessary health hazards.

5. Manage the Process Efficiently and Effectively

Restoring a building after a fire is a multifaceted process. There is the initial cleanup, salvaging belongings, repairing structural damage, managing sub-contractors, photographing items, insurance claims, and at the end of the day, making sure that your space is back to its pre-fire state. 

Trying to manage this process alone is a full-time job and a huge burden. Having a professional with years of experience walk you through the process will save you time and money. A fire restoration team will create a plan, usually on day one, to quickly get multiple projects started in order to recover as much of your property as possible. 

One of the most important elements they bring to the process is that they have insurance coverage to cover liability over any accidents that happen during the restoration process.

In such a stressful situation, it is important to have the right support to help you rebuild your home or business. You need experienced professionals using innovative technology to come alongside you as you work to restore your property. Don’t try to do this yourself — get help in order to have peace of mind that your space is protected after the devastation from a fire.



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