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4 Situations When You Should Get Professional Odor Removal Help

Posted by Tom McArdle on 2/19/21

Today’s business owners and managers know the importance of keeping their business clean and odor-free.

Here at Odorox®, we work with professionals from a wide range of industries, including people who own or manage factories and plants, restaurants, hotels, tourism businesses, schools, medical facilities, and residential facilities like assisted living and nursing homes.

Regardless of where our customers work, everyone wants to keep their business looking and smelling great. Even though the source of nuisance odors may be different from industry to industry, this is equally important to everybody we talk to. 

Solving problem odors on your own

Sometimes there are smelly messes that you can clean up yourself. 

If you are dealing with a small spill, minor flooding from a clogged drain, a refrigerator that went too long without getting cleaned out, or other simple smelly problems, you can likely address those concerns on your own. 

A little hard work and some good cleaning supplies will go a long way. However, hard work and cleaning supplies won’t solve some of the really big odor-related problems that you may face in your time as a business owner or manager. 

When to call in the professionals

Some situations require professional odor removal help. Let’s go over the most common ones and why you need to bring in the professionals. 

1. Fire damage

Even small fires can cause massive odor issues after the fact. Smoke damage can infiltrate walls, flooring, furniture, window treatments, and much more — far beyond the immediate location of the fire. 

Professional odor removers will ensure that the smell of smoke is completely eliminated. Trying to clean up post-fire smoke odor is an incredibly taxing job, and it’s usually not successful because typical cleaning businesses simply don’t have the equipment or tools that are needed to manage the clean-up effectively. 

2. Water damage

You may be able to clean up some water damage after a leak or spill, especially if you get to it right away and there is no real flooding. Basically, if you can sop up the water with some towels, you’re probably not in need of professional services. 

The biggest risk for water damage is what you can’t see after it dries: mold. It can be hard to pinpoint the source of that musty, mildew smell after a flood if the visual evidence is hidden away under carpets or behind drywall. 

Professional disaster restoration contractors can detect any mold in the building. Instead of just getting things dry, they can get things clean and safe again. 

3. Biological matter

Some floods don’t just contain water from your pipes; flooding can also bring biological matter into the building. This happens with sewage back-ups and floods from rising exterior water, such as a lake or river. 

This smelly aftermath is best handled by professionals so that you can avoid the health risks associated with biological materials like sewage

4. New construction odor

The unique and overwhelming odor of new construction is caused by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) breaking down after installation. Common building materials include a lot of chemicals. If you are moving into a new space or having renovations done, you will need to make sure that you and your workers, clients, or tenants aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals in the air. 

One important professional tool: Hydroxyl Generators! 

_XL3_2_x2000pxWhen you bring in a professional odor removing team, they should be working with state of the art hydroxyl generators. Whether your contractor owns their own or rents them, hydroxyl generators are one of the most important pieces of equipment for eliminating problem odors. 

Hydroxyl generators work by re-creating the sun’s natural ultraviolet rays in interior spaces, which breaks down VOCs — the source of most problem odors you will encounter in your building. These machines are able to safely and quickly break down chemicals and eliminate odors simply by being placed strategically throughout the space that needs odor remediation. 

If you are a business owner, manager, or contractor who wants to be successful in the fight against foul odors, contact us today to rent or buy the hydroxyl generators. These useful machines are exactly what you need to keep your facilities clean and odor-free!  



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