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Mold Inspection, Testing, and Elimination: What You Need to Know

Posted by Tom McArdle on 9/15/21

Mold can be a scary reality for property owners, property managers, and real estate agents. It can be hard to know how to respond if you walk into a space that you’re responsible for and discover those telltale signs of mold: a musty smell, visible mold growth, or an allergic reaction. 

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, mold clean-up can be a straightforward DIY project. For example, if you open a fridge that has been turned off, you may find mold growth inside. A little bit of “elbow grease” and the right cleaning materials will take care of that issue effectively. 

using-hydroxyl-generators-with-mold-damage-odorox-hydroxyl-groupBut what about mold that has grown after water damage, including floods, storms, plumbing issues, and more? When is mold remediation a serious problem that needs professional attention?

What Is A Mold Inspection?

A mold inspection is a process that is performed by a professional mold inspector. Upon arrival, the inspector will conduct a visual inspection of the home, business, or property and look for: visible mold growth, visible signs of water damage, and areas with increased moisture.

The inspector will also use tools like moisture mapping software, moisture meters, and infrared cameras. These tools help the inspector to identify areas of moisture intrusion and water damage that aren’t immediately visible.

What Is Mold Testing

Mold testing is another method for determining the level of mold in an indoor space. Testing looks for things like the scope and severity of the growth, as well as what kind of mold is growing. .

Air samples are incredibly specific. They can determine the exact type of mold that is growing in the room that is being tested. Sometimes inspectors will test the air in each room to get the most complete picture of the problem. The inspector will also collect an outdoor air sample to serve as a control for the area. 

Surface testing and tape testing are additional methods. The results of mold tests can be evaluated by a laboratory to determine the next steps for complete remediation and cleaning. 

The Importance Of Mold Elimination

Completely eliminating harmful mold from your property is the responsibility of every property owner or manager. Mold makes people sick, even with just short-term exposure. Because people don’t always spot mold right away, it can be hard for individuals to avoid. You can’t avoid what you don’t know about. That is why the burden falls on the property manager or owner to keep all indoor spaces free of dangerous mold and mildew. 

Professional mold remediation companies understand the ins and outs of total mold elimination. If your mold inspector determines that you need professional mold remediation and odor removal services, it is better to go through that process than try to fix the problem on your own. Attempting to DIY a job that requires a professional level of work may simply prolong the growth and development of mold, causing more expensive remediation costs in the future. 

What About Hydroxyl Generators And Mold Removal?

Hydroxyl generators are a powerful tool in the mold removal process. These useful, portable machines are one of the fastest ways to remove odors from a wide variety of settings, including buildings, carpets, and household belongings. They work by breaking down hydroxyl radicals in the environment. This process eliminates odors without the use of chemicals, oils, or masking agents.

To use a hydroxyl generator, just place them in the environment with mold in it and let them run for the required amount of time. This will allow the molecules to do their job. By producing hydroxyl radicals, hydroxyl generators break apart mold and odor molecules in the air and convert those contaminants into carbon dioxide and water. 

Hydroxyl generators are also great because they don’t cause any damage and are safe to use around humans, animals, and all kinds of sensitive materials. They don’t leave behind any residue or chemical smells, and they can be used by cleaning crews as they work throughout the property.

Disaster clean-up is faster and safer thanks to hydroxyl generators: They are effective against mold and remove mold odors from the air. 

Hydroxyl Generators Are Available To Rent Or Purchase

Should you rent or buy the hydroxyl generators you need? Depending on your needs, hydroxyl generators can be either rented or purchased. Restoration contractors may prefer to purchase their own generator to use in multiple locations throughout the year, whereas renting is a great strategy for property owners who might only need to use the machine once. 

If a contractor needs to bring in more generators to tackle a major restoration job, renting can easily increase the size of their hydroxyl generator fleet. 

Contact Odorox® today to learn more about your rental and purchase options. As you tackle mold remediation at your home or property, Odorox®’s hydroxyl generators are an essential tool to utilize.



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