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How Hydroxyl Generators Fit into the Mold Remediation Process

Posted by Tom McArdle on 7/6/21

The mold, mildew, and odors left behind by water damage can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it seems that no matter what you do, you just can’t get rid of the smell of previous water damage.

Restoration contractors understand this challenge. Regardless of what causes a flood, they are the ones called to help clean up a property and get it back to its original condition — or better. Whether water damage has been caused by heavy rains, plumbing blockages, natural disasters, leaking appliances, or anything else, the unwanted odors left behind are a problem. 

use-hydroxyl-generators-to-help-remove-mold-odors-odorox-hydroxyl-groupMold and mildew can begin to grow within 24-48 hours of a flood. It’s no surprise, then, that so many homes and businesses that flood end up also needing mold remediation. 

What is the secret to delivering a safe and odor-free property to your mold remediation clients? Do hydroxyl generators eliminate mold? 

The Most Important First Step: Killing the Mold Spores

Hydroxyl generators are a huge help in eliminating unwanted odors, but they aren’t your first weapon in the fight against mold. 

When you first encounter mold, you need to completely dry out the affected areas. In extreme cases, this can mean removing carpeting, flooring, drywall, paneling, window treatments, and furniture. Although you may be tempted to just bleach everything, keep in mind that bleach will kill surface mold but not the mold spores. Overall, mold remediation is a complex project that can be dangerous to DIY, getting help from a professional restoration contractor is recommended.

Hydroxyl Generators Will Be Your New Favorite Tool in the Fight Against Mold-Related Odors

Sometimes, mold odors remain, even after the mold spores have been completely destroyed. That’s the musty smell you associate with wet basements and flooded buildings. This is where hydroxyl generators come into play. 

There is one main reason why hydroxyl generators have become such a popular tool used by disaster clean-up technicians and restoration contractors: they work to eliminate the musty smells that mold leaves behind. 

Introduced to the market in 2008, hydroxyl generators are now used in many different disaster restoration settings. They have a proven track record of eliminating nuisance odors, even if those odors are stubborn and don’t respond to other methods of removal. 

How Do Hydroxyl Generators Work? 

Hydroxyl generators work by targeting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor environments. VOCs are the compounds left behind by chemical and biological reactions, and are what you smell when you go into a musty, mildewy, moldy indoor space. 

Nature has a really great way of breaking down VOCs: the sun. Hydroxyl radicals (-OH) are naturally created in the atmosphere when ultraviolet rays from the sun break apart water vapor in the air. 

Outdoors, hydroxyl radicals decompose VOCs and chemicals, and they help to keep our atmosphere clear of harmful compounds, both organic and inorganic. Unfortunately, we didn’t have an effective way to create hydroxyl radicals indoors...until hydroxyl generators came along! 

Hydroxyl generators produce hydroxyl radicals indoors. These machines re-create nature’s processes. Instead of masking odors, using additional chemicals, fogging, spraying, or wiping, all you have to do is strategically place hydroxyl generators throughout the impacted indoor area and turn them on. 

How Long Does the Process Take? 

Hydroxyl generation takes a few days, depending on the scale of the project. Larger spaces like factories and shopping centers take more time than an apartment or small house. 

The nice thing is that the process is not labor-intensive. As a restoration contractor, you can set up the machines in a space and then leave them to do their job. Unlike other odor-removal machines like ozone generators, they can safely be operated while your team is on-site. That frees you to work on other aspects of the clean-up. Hydroxyl generators end up saving you time and money because you’re not spending so many work hours doing heavy-duty odor wiping, cleaning, sterilizing, and scrubbing.

Renting vs. Owning Your Hydroxyl Generators

Some contractors choose to purchase several hydroxyl generators because it is convenient and cost-effective. Having these machines on hand means you can quickly get to work on odor-removal projects. 

Rental is another solution, especially if you’re not ready to invest in your own machines or if you don’t do a lot of water damage and mold remediation. Renting means that you don’t have to worry about maintaining a fleet of generators yourself; you can acquire them just when you have unexpected large projects that need them. 

Learn More, Buy, or Rent Today fromOdorox® 

You can learn more about hydroxyl generators from Odorox® on our website, where we answer your questions about how Odorox® can support you as a restoration contractor.

HGs can be rented for occasional jobs or purchased for frequent use. Contact us today to find out the right solution for your disaster restoration business. call-now-to-contact-odorox-hydroxyl-group


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