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How Hydroxyl Generators Can Help Property Managers Complete Turns Quickly and Easily

Posted by Tom McArdle on 6/23/21

As a property manager, you likely know all too well that each day a residential or commercial space sits empty means lost income for you. Vacancies mean less profits and potentially even lost renters if they are looking for an immediate solution and your property isn’t ready yet.

Take, for example, a studio or one-bedroom apartment that rents for $1,000 per month. This equates to:

  • $12,000 per year
  • $250 per week
  • $33.33 per day

If this property sits vacant for an entire month, that could mean $1,000 in lost profits. It would be the equivalent of charging $917 per month in rent for 12 months instead of $1,000 — a significant decline in your revenue stream. 

While an extra few days to clean out a property after tenants leave may not seem like a great loss at first glance, those extra few days of turnaround could actually make a huge difference if you have potential tenants who need to get in a new space right away. They might just take their business elsewhere. 

Suddenly, a few extra days turns into an entire month — or more — of lost incoming rent.

Our solution? Odorox® Hydroxyl Group’s hydroxyl generator, which removes lingering odors, smells from paint, new flooring, and smells from other work that needs to be done between tenants. 

Save Time and Money by Eliminating Odors Quickly

how-hydroxyl-generators-can-help-property-managers-complete-turns-quickly-and-easily-odorox-hydroxyl-groupWhen you’re turning over a property after a tenant moves out, the time your property sits vacant amounts to little more than wasted money. Whether you are an owner managing a rental home, a landlord of a multi-tenant residential property, or a property manager for a commercial space, you want to get your turnover accomplished as quickly as possible. 

But turnover is not always an easy job. Certain odors remain from previous tenants and must be dealt with. Messy projects or periodic updates like applying a fresh coat of paint or new flooring must be done before the next tenant can move in. All of these contracting jobs come with materials that introduce powerful odors, and these spaces not only require finishing all these tasks, but they need to be “aired out,” so these odors aren’t bothersome for your new tenants. 

The problem? It takes time to rid your properties of these kinds of odors, which means vacancies and lost money.

Our hydroxyl generators get your properties ready to rent and appealingly odor-free in no time flat, so you can eliminate some of this expensive downtime.

Since coming onto the scene in 2008, hydroxyl generators have been used in thousands of small and large properties as one of the smartest, safest, and most effective odor removal tools on the market. These hydroxyl generators use UV radiation to clean and deodorize indoor smells, and are powerful enough to address all kinds of odors, including:

  • Smoke and fire odor 
  • Nicotine smells
  • Sewage mishaps
  • Trash rooms
  • Water and mold damage
  • Pet odors
  • Strong food and cooking smells
  • Paint, flooring, and other home improvement material smells

The hydroxyl radicals produced by our hydroxyl generators mimic nature’s own process, using multiple wavelengths of high-energy UV lights to react with oxygen and water vapor in the air, clearing out odors much faster than the time it would take without the assistance of this kind of generator.

Hydroxyl generators are the safest method of professional odor removal on the market. Compared to thermal fogging and ozone generators that release strong gases or pollutants into your space and require you to leave your property, hydroxyl generators only break apart odor molecules. Our machines are also safe to use around people or sensitive materials without pressing pause on your turnover tasks. They can also be used to remove lingering odors and keep your property smelling clean long-term.

Take Care of Harmful VOCs Promptly with Hydroxyl Generators

When painting, installing new floors, or doing other updates to your property, there are all kinds of materials on the market that are high in volatile organic compounds — otherwise known as VOCs. 

VOCs are commonly found in all kinds of home improvement materials and other household goods, including paint, caulk, cleaning supplies, carpet, wood, felt-tip pens, and even certain items from the grocery store. The issue here is that VOCs can be harmful to your health and can cause allergic reactions, asthma, headaches, upper respiratory infections, rashes, and even cancer.

If you or your contractors are doing work on your property, you can make the job site a safer one for your workers and future tenants alike. Hydroxyl generators like the ones you can rent or buy from the Odorox® Hydroxyl Group don’t mask VOCs; they naturally eliminate them, dismantling the entire molecular structure of VOCs in indoor settings. 

Your new tenants shouldn’t move into a space clogged with VOCs. Not only is it not a good practice on your part, but your tenants likely know about the health issues surrounding VOCs and won’t feel comfortable moving into their new commercial or residential property before these odors are gone. A hydroxyl generator will keep your staff safe and your renters comfortable.

At Odorox® Hydroxyl Group, we are committed to providing safe, effective ways to break down odors and help people get on with their lives. As property managers and owners, we know that delays cost you time, money, and trust. We’re here to eliminate those pain points and get your property tenant-ready in record time. 

Our hydroxyl generators can be purchased or rented as needed to minimize your property turnover time. Contact us today to find the right solution for your needs. 



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