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Large Loss Odor Removal: Q&A with Paul Davis National

Posted by Roger Sheppard on 1/26/18

Read the latest interview by our long-time customer Paul Davis National on R&R Magazine and find out how they tackle some of the largest spaces damaged by smoke and why they choose Hydroxyl technology.

Senior VP of Operations at Paul Davis National, J. Murphy, discusses how Odorox's Hydroxyl Generators reduce demo time, gets into spaces other products can’t, and works more effectively than the competition. You won’t want to miss this one!

In this article, J. Murphy states that odor removal is one of the trickier elements to tackle in any restoration project. Not only is the size of the fire or smoke damaged area a factor but also what kind materials were burned in the fire to produce various types of smoke and odors.

In other words, not all fires are created equal.

The contents that burned within the fire can will produce different smoke odors and other foul odors that need to be eliminated as soon as possible.  

Odorox Hydroxyl Generators and our patented Odorox Technology is highly effective and is second strongest oxidant in the world. This means that hydroxyl machines will eliminate more smoke odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than ozone, chlorine dioxide, foggers, making agents, oils, and all other chemicals!

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