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The Cascade Effect of Hydroxyl Radicals Produced by Odorox® Systems

Posted by Tom McArdle on 1/22/14

This paper has been provided by Dr. Araps to further explain the “Cascade Effect” of Hydroxyl Radicals produced by the Odorox® systems. The series of chain reactions enables the treatment of not only the pathogens passing through the machine , but also the structures and contents in the treatment space outside of the machine.

Download the paper (PDF)

Dr. Araps has a B.S. in Chemistry from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Princeton University. She has published important research on bio-medicinal chemistry done at Princeton and as a post-doctoral research scientist at SYVA, a research center associated with Stanford University. She has extensive experience both as a research scientist and technology executive. She has authored 16 US patents in the area of related to photochemistry, free radical chemistry and associated material science. Dr. Araps is the chairman of the scientific advisory board for HGI Industries (the manufacturer of the Odorox® equipment).

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