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Mold Inspection, Testing, and Elimination: What You Need to Know

Posted by Tom McArdle on 9/15/21

Mold can be a scary reality for property owners, property managers, and real estate agents. It can be hard to know how to respond if you walk into a space that you’re responsible for and discover those telltale signs of mold: a musty smell, visible mold growth, or an allergic reaction. 

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Cat 2 vs. Cat 3 Water Losses And How Hydroxyl Generators Can Help After Both

Posted by Tom McArdle on 9/9/21

Water loss events are divided into three different categories, depending on the level of contamination. This categorization is such a useful system for evaluating the amount of water damage and what the appropriate disaster restoration steps are. 

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How to Handle Home and Business Contents in a Catastrophic Loss Situation

Posted by Tom McArdle on 8/31/21

When there is a catastrophic loss scenario at a property that you manage or own, you may already know how to deal with the structural damage. That’s because structural needs are often obvious: demolition of damaged property, re-building, making repairs, and making the building safe for occupancy again.

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What Property Managers Should Do After An Apartment Complex Fire

Posted by Tom McArdle on 8/28/21

An apartment complex fire is a nightmare that no property manager or owner wants to experience. However, fires are an unfortunate reality. Even if there are no injuries or fatalities, there can be a number of long-term effects that property managers need to address before the complex can be safely inhabited again. Here are the must-do tasks that every property manager or landlord should do before and after an apartment complex fire. 

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How to Ensure Complete Fire Damage Mitigation in the Workplace with Hydroxyl Generators

Posted by Tom McArdle on 8/19/21

Have you tried to rent or buy a car lately? Be prepared for wait times, lack of selection, and hefty prices. This is because supplies are scarce due to a shortage of semiconductor chips used in the automotive industry. Of course, some of the shortage can be blamed on a lack of production during COVID, but another factor is huge fires that heavily damaged two Japanese plants last year. These fires intensified the global shortage of semiconductors and will cost the automotive industry an estimated $61 billion in lost sales in 2021. 

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Fire and Smoke Damage at Your Historic Property? Here’s What to Do

Posted by Tom McArdle on 8/12/21

Older and historic buildings can be especially susceptible to fires. There are many reasons why this is the case, including that some may have been built before fire-resistant materials were widely available. The age of the property can also mean fewer or no modern fire security measures are in place, and sometimes there are no sprinklers due to the fear that the water could cause damage to irreplaceable items or décor. 

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Senior Living Facilities Reopening to Visitors: Keeping Your Residents as Safe as Possible

Posted by Tom McArdle on 7/30/21

Due to the proliferation of vaccines, many senior living facilities are reopening and allowing visitors. Residents at senior homes are often overjoyed when finding out that visitors such as family, friends, caretakers, and all sorts of other people long missed can once again visit. However, the effects and dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic are still lingering.

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