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Processes to Add to Your Cleaning Process to Protect Essential Workers

Posted by Tom McArdle on 5/8/20

Right now, essential workers are still on the front lines, keeping the country running and its people safe. Nurses, police officers, grocery store workers, and many more put themselves at risk each shift to ensure that supplies get where they need to, and that treatments continue when necessary. 

While they are outside each day, helping those of us that continue to social distance from each other, there are ways that we can say thank you - and help protect them from the spread of viruses as much as possible. 

Who is Essential?

protecting-essential-workers-important-additions-to-your-cleaning-routine-odorox-hydroxyl-groupIt is important to note that many different occupations have been classified as “essential” by the government. We will speak in general about the cleaning process for facilities, but keep in mind that many different occupations will require different sterilization procedures. 

The biggest area of concern for sterilization during this pandemic lies within grocery stores. Workers are essential to stocking shelves and keeping products available for the masses. Employers can keep workers safe by providing a few simple resources. 

  1. Provide hand sanitizer to all employees. Additional bottles should be available around the store for employees to utilize whenever possible. 
  2. Be sure that disinfectant solution and wipes are stationed at every checkout lane, allowing cashiers to wipe down credit card machines, keypads, or other high contact areas.
  3. Make disposable gloves available for every shift, and ensure that they can be changed regularly. 
  4. Put regulations and rules in place that keep customers from standing too close to workers that are on the floor. 

These basic protective resources don’t just apply to grocery stores, they can be applied to any facility such as police stations, medical facilities, warehouses, delivery companies, transit or transportation facilities, and government agencies with staff that regularly come in contact with the public or items shipped to the public. 

Additional Steps for Prevention

The basic steps that we discussed above are only the start to protecting workers from getting sick. In addition to these measures, employers need to take steps that go beyond hand sanitizer and gloves.

The CDC recommends that employers use the following practices for employees at the beginning, and during their shifts. 

  1. Perform a pre-screen of each employee before they begin their work day. This means taking their temperature and assessing for any symptoms of the virus. 
  2. Monitor your employees regularly, especially if they have regular contact with the public.
  3. If possible (and it isn’t always) employees should wear masks during their shifts. The CDC has recently stated that scarves can be used as a substitute when masks aren’t available. 
  4. If the workplace permits it, allow staff members to social distance from the public and each other, by keeping 6 feet apart. 
  5. Disinfect and clean all public areas including offices, bathrooms, break rooms, doors, any shared equipment, etc. on a regular basis. 

How Odorox® Hydroxyl Group Can Help

At Odorox®, we are here to help keep your facilities as clean as possible during this difficult time. Our hydroxyl generators are 99.99% effective against pathogens like Coronavirus, which makes them an extraordinarily valuable addition to your disinfection process. 

The best thing about the hydroxyl machines is that they can be used two ways in your cleaning process:

Method One:  You can use the generator in addition to your daily or deep cleaning process while you disinfect the facility, cleaning the air and penetrating porous surfaces - two areas that are otherwise often impossible to disinfect. 

Method Two:  In addition to running our hydroxyl machines during cleaning, you can also keep a hydroxyl machine running 24/7. This maintains a level of sanitation and safer air, and can be particularly valuable if you cannot close down your facility for a deep cleaning each day. 

Adding Odorox® to your cleaning team provides huge benefits. We’re here to help make sure that you have the right equipment for your goals, process, and unique facility features. To get started, take a look at our website for more information on the machines we offer, and contact us to create a plan that will help take good care of your valuable essential workers. 



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