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Hydroxyl vs Ozone Generators - What’s the Difference?

Posted by Tom McArdle on 4/15/20

In the restoration world, odor removal is something we deal with every day. Ozone and hydroxyl generators are the two main options to get the job done. There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides, and we’re going to talk about them here. 

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What You Need to Know About Hydroxyl Generators

Posted by Tom McArdle on 4/7/20

Since 2008 hydroxyl generators have been used in the restoration industry to assist in deodorization treatments. There are many ideas and opinions in the industry about these machines, and here at Odorox® Hydroxyl Group, we want to guarantee that you understand the truth behind the machines we utilize. 

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Coronavirus: Understanding Effective Disinfection Options | R&R Roundtable

Posted by Michelle Blevins on 3/17/20


Editor’s Note: Since the first wave of news about coronavirus/COVID-19 hit the U.S. in January, R&R has been committed to delivering as much information to restoration and remediation contractors as possible. This effort has included a number of video interviews with experts on a variety of topics related to disinfection services – including protocols, best practices, liability insurance and legal concerns, education on the virus itself, and options for chemicals, systems, and equipment that have been tested again pathogens similar to COVID-19. This R&R Roundtable brings in scientists and product experts to discuss several options contractors have for effective disinfection, and to provide data to prove efficacy. Conversations like this are meant to gather important information in one place to allow contractors to then form their own, educated decisions. Keep in mind, it is critical to be properly trained and to have written protocols and contracts in place before offering services like this.

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Ask the Expert: Smoke Odor Removal Tips Using Hydroxyl Generators

Posted by Michelle Blevins on 12/13/18

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Tackling Fire Damage & Odor Removal at Massive Indoor Sports Facility

Posted by Michelle Blevins on 12/12/18

Editor’s Note: ServiceMaster by Disaster Recon is among the top 10 ServiceMaster franchises for commercial mitigation work. Owned by Greg Dennison, the company is always growing, expanding, and tackling big jobs with big success. Meet Greg, and hear about a recent large loss job, in this R&R Q&A!

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Chinese Drywall: Big Problem Yields Big Opportunity

Posted by Tom McArdle on 11/6/18

Reactive drywall, more commonly known as Chinese drywall, was imported from China between 2001 and 2009 due to an American shortage of material. It contained extraneous materials such as sulfur, strontium, and iron. In warmer and more humid climates, this drywall emitted various sulfur gasses that caused copper and other metal surfaces to become black and powdery. This corroded the copper pipes, wiring, and A/C coils in all types of buildings, including homes and condominiums, and caused major damage to air conditioners, electrical wiring, plumbing, appliances, and electronics.

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7 Tips for Hydroxyl Generator Cleaning & Maintenance

Posted by Tom McArdle on 10/31/18

Contractors ask us all the time, “how often should I clean these machines, what needs to be done for maintenance, and how long do the optics last?” The good news is the process is quite simple and easy. Here are our answers to those common questions.

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