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Odorox Hydroxyl Group Releases Studies for Aerosolized Biologicals

Posted by Roger Sheppard on 10/21/15

“This series of lab studies demonstrates our ongoing commitment to important third party scientific studies to further prove the efficacy of the Odorox technology.  These studies include a broad spectrum of biologicals, and are really impressive. The technology does far more than odor elimination and the possibilities for applications in many different markets are astounding. We will also continue to seek the input of experts in the Disaster Cleanup industry to find ways our technology should be further included in other cleaning protocols.”

Roger Sheppard
President, Odorox Hydroxyl Group

Test Results Summary

Aspergillis niger ( Mold- spore forming) 1 hour 4.7 Log Reduction 99.99+%
Staphylococcus epidermidis-gram positive bacterium 1 hour 5 Log Reduction 99.999%
E  coli 1.5 to 2 hours 5 Log Reduction 99.999%
Phi-X174 phage 2 hours 4 Log Reduction 99.99%
MS2 bacteriophage 2 hours 4.9  Log Reduction 99.99+%


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