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Odor Control in Chemical Manufacturing

Posted by Tom McArdle on 4/28/21

Chemical manufacturing is a highly essential and diverse industry. Manufacturing everything from man-made fibers like nylon and polyester to life-saving products like pharmaceuticals and animal health products, chemical manufacturing is responsible for a lot of what we use every day. 

However, one thing that is seldom thought of is a common by-product of chemical manufacturing: odors that affect both indoor and outdoor space during the manufacturing process. 

In this article, we will explore how controlling the odors created from chemical manufacturing is not only a unique challenge but also absolutely necessary for a variety of reasons. 

What Kind of Manufactured Products Produce Odors?

There is not one source for noxious odors during the chemical manufacturing process. Many industries will use solvents, adhesives, or other odorous chemicals throughout the process. Some products that may contribute to this issue when they are produced include:

  • Household products
  • Common adhesives
  • Paint and varnish
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Packaging 
  • Plastics

During several points in the manufacturing process of these products, odors can be produced inside that negatively affect workers in the manufacturing facility. Additionally, many plants use stacks to ventilate the exhaust into the surrounding environment. 

Why Are These Odors Harmful?

The odors produced during chemical manufacturing are more than just an annoyance to the employees and those who live downwind from the plant. 

When employees are exposed to strong odors during the chemical manufacturing process, they can experience health effects that range from mildly uncomfortable to serious and life-threatening. 

On the mild side, regular exposure to these odors can cause eye, nose, throat, or lung irritation. These symptoms could lead to a tickling cough, burning in the eyes, or a headache. 

More serious symptoms that can be caused by exposure can include persistent coughing, burning in the chest, wheezing, or other breathing problems. People exposed to strong odors may also feel dizzy or nauseous, while others find that regular exposure can affect a person’s mood, anxiety, and stress levels. 

What Can Be Done About It?

One solution that can help with odor control in chemical manufacturing is using hydroxyl generators to ventilate the work area. 

Hydroxyl generators work by creating and releasing hydroxyl radicals into the environment. Hydroxyl radicals are created naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere to decompose chemicals and help keep the Earth’s atmosphere clear of harmful chemicals. 

MVP-14_front_x1000pxHydroxyl generators replicate the broad range of UV radiation that is produced by the sun to naturally clean and deodorize indoor environments. The important thing to note about this work is that they change the odors on the molecular level, thus eliminating and destroying the odor instead of merely masking it. 

Odorox® Line of Heavy Duty Products

The Odorox® Hydroxyl Group is the official nationwide supplier of all patented Odorox® products. Part of the extensive catalog includes heavy-duty products that are designed to eliminate odors in industrial settings. Ready to take on even the most challenging of situations, they are the most advanced and robust products available to eliminate odors. 

The Odorox® Hydroxyl Room Curtain is ideal for commercial, industrial, hazmat, and hospitality purposes. Using its powerful 4,000 FPM fan, this generator can handle the toughest odor in large areas. 

The Odorox® MVP (Master VOC Processor) is designed to quickly and efficiently eliminate odors or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are produced in industrial workspaces. Considered the most sophisticated and technologically advanced odor management system, the Odorox® MVP is powerful enough to tackle the toughest odor problems from places such as rendering plants and trash transfer stations. 

Finally, the Odorox® MVP 48 is what you need for giant internal areas such as heavy manufacturing plants. This high-tech, heavy-duty system quickly breaks down massive amounts of odors while destroying the elements that could make your team sick. Whether used once or multiple times, the Odorox® MVP 48 is ideal for medium to large operations like paper mills and wastewater treatment facilities. 

Protecting your team from the possible harmful side effects of odors caused by chemical manufacturing should be your top priority. Contact one of our experts today to discuss how our entire line of Odorox® products using hydroxyl technology can ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone in your plant.



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