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Plumbing Emergency Clean Up at Schools, Colleges, and Universities: How to Get the Help You Need

Posted by Tom McArdle on 9/24/21

Schools and universities have a huge responsibility toward their students: Provide a quality education to help students achieve in life and provide that education in an environment that is safe and free from harm. 

But when the inevitable plumbing emergency happens at a learning facility, the education may be intact, but the safe environment definitely isn’t. 

Water damage from plumbing issues can quickly become disastrous if not taken care of immediately. Besides the threat of water saturating and destroying resources and furniture, plumbing emergencies can also endanger the health of students through exposure to raw sewage and mold growth from inadequately or improperly cleaned areas. 

Additionally, not having the in-house resources to act swiftly can force a facility to shut down for a period of time, costing both the school and students and staff greatly.

One of the best things you can do as a manager of a daycare facility, school, college, or university is to partner with a trusted company that provides restoration services. Unlike your full time maintenance crew, restoration crews have specific expertise in helping facilities like yours recover from dangerous and destructive water damage. 


Besides expertise, professional restoration companies also have the resources and equipment to deal with the tough cleanup to once again create a clean and safe environment for students and staff. 

One piece of equipment that should be at their disposal is a hydroxyl generator. 

What Does A Hydroxyl Generator Do?

A hydroxyl generator is a powerful but easy-to-use machine that can remove odors and disinfect indoor air from bacteria and viruses. Hydroxyl molecules are made in nature when the strong UV rays of the sun react to the environment. These molecules can be replicated with the same strength as those produced by the sun in an indoor environment using hydroxyl generators.

The results? Hydroxyl generators can safely eliminate airborne fungal spores, viruses, and bacteria from indoor spaces creating clean air for students inside your facility. After a plumbing emergency, this type of air purification is essential. When water damage is improperly cleaned, it takes only 24 - 48 hours for mold spores to begin growing, creating not only a musty odor that’s difficult to get rid of but increasing the risk your students couldn’t develop respiratory infections, skin irritation, headaches, and a host of other health complications due to exposure. 

Additionally, plumbing emergencies can often include the exposure of raw sewage. This contaminant can quickly produce airborne viruses and bacteria that can make people even sicker. 

The hydroxyl molecules produced will also break up molecules that cause the musty smell that water damage often brings. You can rest assured that your facility will not only be clean and sanitized, but it will also smell fresh as well.

Partnering with a restoration company that has access to these types of generators is your best bet for making sure water damage from plumbing emergencies gets cleaned up quickly and thoroughly causing as little disruption to the students’ education as possible while keeping them healthy. 

Does your school have the support you need from a disaster restoration contractor who has the expert knowledge and tools to restore your property after a plumbing disaster? Don’t wait for an emergency to catch you unprepared. Contact the experts at Odorox® Hydroxyl Group today to discuss ways hydroxyl generators and the professionals who use them can keep your facilities open and keep students learning. 



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