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How Hydroxyl Generators Can Offer Big Savings After A Disaster

Posted by Tom McArdle on 10/27/21

In a catastrophic loss situation, you understand the need to deal with structural damage, but what about the contents of those structures, including soft contents like carpeting, furniture, and other fixtures?

Between the cost of the items themselves and the additional costs in the form of business downtime, vacancy, and repairs, replacing everything can be an expensive endeavor. 

Some items may need to be replaced no matter what, but with a quick response from a team with the right tools, you may be able to save more than you think, and do so safely.

One tool that restoration teams utilize is the hydroxyl generator. 

How hydroxyl generators work 

_XL3_1_x2000pxHydroxyl generators work by producing hydroxyl radicals that break apart odor molecules. The contaminants are converted into carbon dioxide and water. 

This process eliminates odors opposed to merely masking them. Additionally, unlike other methods of removing odors, hydroxyl generators do not spray any toxic chemicals into the air. They also do not leave behind residue, chemical smells, or other unwanted byproducts. 

This ‘clean’ approach to odor removal is one reason hydroxyl generators are popular among contractors. Another reason the generators are popular is because they are cost-effective. 

How hydroxyl generators save you money 

Other methods of eliminating odors spray chemicals into the air. It becomes clear that the hydroxyl generator approach saves money, when we compare it to the best available alternative.

The alternative to a hydroxyl generator is the ozone generator, which releases artificial ozone gas. The ozone generator actually works faster than the hydroxyl generator, but there is a large problem with it: Ozone gas is toxic when inhaled by human beings and can negatively affect human cells. This means that the space the generator is used in will need to be aired out once the ozone generator has finished the job.

As we’ve discussed, the hydroxyl generator is safe to use around people. This means businesses can minimize downtime, landlords can minimize vacancy, and homeowners do not need to leave their homes. Additionally, insurance agencies prefer the hydroxyl generator because it saves money on hotels, food, and other expenses that would be added to the claim of someone who was forced to leave their home.

Should you get a hydroxyl generator?

When determining whether or not to purchase a hydroxyl generator, you should consider the frequency you would use it. For restoration contractors and property managers or owners with many properties, it makes sense to buy a hydroxyl generator. 

For individual homeowners, renting one may be a better return on investment. 

Whether you’re looking to purchase or rent, we have good news for you. Odorox® has a large fleet of rental machines and the logistics relationships needed to get them to you quickly. If you’re looking to buy, we have plenty of hydroxyl generators in stock. 

We’re the official nationwide supplier of the patented Odorox® technology. We are the only patented and scientifically proven hydroxyl technology in the marketplace today. 

So if you’re ready to save on restoration costs and move past disasters with minimal disruption to business and home life, reach out to us today



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