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Tom McArdle

Tom is the Vice President of Odorox® Hydroxyl Group. He is an education specialist in hydroxyl technology and its application in the disaster restoration industry. Tom regularly travels throughout the US teaching, conducting seminars, and providing on-site assistance for large disaster restoration losses.

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Chinese Drywall: Big Problem Yields Big Opportunity

Posted by Tom McArdle on 11/6/18

Reactive drywall, more commonly known as Chinese drywall, was imported from China between 2001 and 2009 due to an American shortage of material. It contained extraneous materials such as sulfur, strontium, and iron. In warmer and more humid climates, this drywall emitted various sulfur gasses that caused copper and other metal surfaces to become black and powdery. This corroded the copper pipes, wiring, and A/C coils in all types of buildings, including homes and condominiums, and caused major damage to air conditioners, electrical wiring, plumbing, appliances, and electronics.

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7 Tips for Hydroxyl Generator Cleaning & Maintenance

Posted by Tom McArdle on 10/31/18

Contractors ask us all the time, “how often should I clean these machines, what needs to be done for maintenance, and how long do the optics last?” The good news is the process is quite simple and easy. Here are our answers to those common questions.

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Odor Removal Session Engages Audience at Preparing to Respond Conference

Posted by Tom McArdle on 10/9/18

Odorox Hydroxyl Group was proud to play a role in R&R's inaugural Preparing to Respond conference in early October in Tampa, Fla. The three-day event covered a number of topics related to catastrophic and large loss response.

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The Cascade Effect of Hydroxyl Radicals Produced by Odorox® Systems

Posted by Tom McArdle on 1/22/14

This paper has been provided by Dr. Araps to further explain the “Cascade Effect” of Hydroxyl Radicals produced by the Odorox® systems. The series of chain reactions enables the treatment of not only the pathogens passing through the machine , but also the structures and contents in the treatment space outside of the machine.

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Odorox Hydroxyl Group To Present At The Worley 2014 Expo

Posted by Tom McArdle on 12/15/13

The Odorox Hydroxyl Group and Tom McArdle have been asked to provide an educational presentation for CE credit at the upcoming Worley Claims Expo in San Antonio, TX from January 22nd to January 25th.  This class will address the science and benefits of the Odorox® patented hydroxyl technology as well as the potential claims savings related to ALE, business interruption, and restoration of valuable items.

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The New Tool for Deodorization: Hydroxyl Generators

Posted by Tom McArdle on 11/19/13

In the November, 2013 issue of Restoration & Remediation Magazine, Tom McArdle Vice President of the Odorox Hydroxyl Group, discussed the growing use Hydroxyls in deodorization applications for disaster restoration companies.

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Contents Industry Review Magazine - A Fresh Perspective on Contents Deodorization

Posted by Tom McArdle on 8/14/13

Here is an article that just appeared in the Contents Industry Review July Issue  that Tom McArdle was asked to write:

The Odorox® hydroxyl generating technology has proven to be an extremely effective method for deodorizing contents. The Odorox® systems were originally designed for eliminating odors and pathogens encountered by large industrial facilities like sewage plants, rendering plants, trash transfer stations, and food/beverage manufacturers. Five years ago, Odorox® technology was introduced to the disaster cleanup market and has since provided restoration companies with a safe, fast, and effective solution for permanent deodorization as an alternative to conventional deodorization methods such as ozone, filters, or chemicals.

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