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Roger Sheppard

Roger is the President of Odorox® Hydroxyl Group. His experience includes 25+ years as a business executive in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Roger is recognized for his entrepreneurial style and a track record of proven business strategy, execution, and cultural integrity.

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Large Loss Odor Removal: Q&A with Paul Davis National

Posted by Roger Sheppard on 1/26/18

Read the latest interview by our long-time customer Paul Davis National on R&R Magazine and find out how they tackle some of the largest spaces damaged by smoke and why they choose Hydroxyl technology.

Senior VP of Operations at Paul Davis National, J. Murphy, discusses how Odorox's Hydroxyl Generators reduce demo time, gets into spaces other products can’t, and works more effectively than the competition. You won’t want to miss this one!

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Understanding the Hazards of Fire Residue During the Restoration Process

Posted by Roger Sheppard on 12/15/15

An extensive literature review was undertaken by Michael A. Pinto CSP, CMP, and David Batts to determine the types and levels of contaminants present in a building following a fire. A thorough review of currently available literature uncovered significant research regarding the sorts of contaminants that are produced during building fires, as well as the type and extent of airborne and surface contaminants that are produced in such conflagrations. A wide variety of noxious materials were identified from multiple studies, with the consistent warning that attempts to fully characterize hazards associated with fires are inherently limited due to the vast array of products that can be impacted and the individual progression that each structure fire takes.

The goal of this literature review was to answer the following questions:

  1. Are certain harmful contaminants or intermediate compounds typically present in a fire-damaged structure?
  2. Are environments subject to fire restoration generally safe or generally unsafe during the various stages of restoration work?
  3. Are certain types of fires or time periods after fires more dangerous than others?
  4. Is there consensus regarding the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the restoration of fire-damaged buildings?

Please download the study to read the full article:

Download Study (PDF)

Article Published in December 2015 Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) Magazine

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Michael Pinto and Wonder Makers Environmental Release Part Two Study

Posted by Roger Sheppard on 12/14/15

Michael Pinto with Wonder Makers Environmental, Inc. has completed Part Two of the study regarding the safety of post-fire conditions for contractors, including the effect of the Odorox technology in these environments.  A real-world fire was simulated in a test chamber and  air samples were taken regularly for five days after the fire was extinguished. The samples were measured by a highly reputable third party lab to detect the type and quantity of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present.  In the study, worst case conditions were created with the actual source materials left in the sealed room while the Odorox machine was running.  The total VOCs were reduced from 48,000 nanograms per liter (ng/L)  to 2,600 ng/L in just eight hours.  At the conclusion of the study, the room was completely fresh and even the smoke residue on the walls was visibly reduced.  The study confirms the science that is explained by Odorox , which includes the actual breakdown of more complex VOCs.  The study also includes some practical recommendations regarding personal protective equipment in difficult post-fire conditions.  The overall conclusion provides that the Odorox equipment makes working conditions safer for contractors by eliminating the odors and substantially reducing the harmful VOCs, even under these worst case conditions without source removal.

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Odorox Hydroxyl Group Releases Studies for Aerosolized Biologicals

Posted by Roger Sheppard on 10/21/15

“This series of lab studies demonstrates our ongoing commitment to important third party scientific studies to further prove the efficacy of the Odorox technology.  These studies include a broad spectrum of biologicals, and are really impressive. The technology does far more than odor elimination and the possibilities for applications in many different markets are astounding. We will also continue to seek the input of experts in the Disaster Cleanup industry to find ways our technology should be further included in other cleaning protocols.”

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Odorox & Wonder Makers Release Post-Fire Environments Study

Posted by Roger Sheppard on 10/7/15

In Part One of a two-part project, Wonder Makers Environmental, Inc. conducted an extensive review of existing literature regarding the air quality of post-fire environments and the potential risk to restoration contractors when working in such situations. This research paper answers important questions about the types and quantities of residual contaminants that may be present in structures at the time that restoration work is undertaken. Areas of review include evaluating the general safety of a fire-damaged structure during the various stages of restoration work, and determining if there is any consensus in the current body of knowledge regarding the recommended use of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the restoration and cleanup process. 

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Performance Comparison – Odorox® vs. Titan Machine

Posted by Roger Sheppard on 8/13/13

Independent performance testing was recently done by the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI) to compare the Odorox® Boss machine to the Titan machine sold by International Ozone Inc. LRRI has special expertise in the area of atmospheric and physical chemistry and their scientists are well published. They have studied hydroxyl radicals for years for the U.S. Government and others. They are most likely the only lab in the United States that is capable of these performance measurements and you will note the details provided with respect to their testing procedures.

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Odorox Boss Hydroxyl Generator Outperforms Titan Generator in Study

Posted by Roger Sheppard on 11/26/12

HGI Industries, the manufacturer of Odorox® products, recently completed a series of toxicology and physical chemistry tests on its Odorox® Boss™ hydroxyl generator…….One of the tests involved the comparison of the Odorox® Boss™ to the Titan 4000 machine produced by International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc.

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