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Ask the Expert: Smoke Odor Removal Tips Using Hydroxyl Generators

Posted by Michelle Blevins on 12/13/18

Hydroxyl generators really have become one of the main tools used for odor removal projects big and small in the restoration industry in recent years. The machines tend to be favored by contractors because they are not only effective, but also more safe than ozone and don't harm people or items

This Ask the Expert video was done in the wake of the 2018 California wildfires, but the tips remain true for any odor removal job. The key ingredient to handling wildfire smoke odor and damage jobs is being proactive. Tom McArdle from Odorox has more tips to make every odor removal job a success.

Hydroxyl generators were introduced to the disaster restoration industry in 2008 as a new and disruptive technology, and have stimulated many questions and discussions throughout the years. While contractors will quickly confirm how effective they are, there are still a variety of questions.

  • Is it true you need 60% humidity?
  • How long do the ultraviolet (UV) optics last?
  • What size area do the machines really cover?
  • How do we know if they’re actually safe?
  • Are all hydroxyl generators basically the same?
  • Etc, etc, etc!

This article will address some of these questions and dispel some of the myths that exist.

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