MPV48™ Hydroxyl Processor Overview

The Odorox® MVP™ (Master VOC Processor) product line is the most technologically sophisticated and advanced industrial foul-air management system in the world.

The MVP™ units are capable of rapidly breaking down massive amounts and types of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) while simultaneously irradiating and destroying a long list of biological pathogens. The MVP™ is designed for heavy duty air processing for medium to large operations such as confined feeding operations - pig & chicken farms, food processing, paper mills, chemical plants, waste water treatment facilities, trash transfer sites, rendering plants and other industrial and commercial uses.


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MPV48™ Hydroxyl Processor

MPV48™ Specifications

Dimensions 39” x 31” x 84.5” (990.6mm x
787.4mm x 2146.3mm)
Power 120V / 240V 60Hz @ 20 Amps
Control PLC / Touchscreen Control,
Auto Mode w/ V.O.C. Sensor
Finish Marine Grade Aluminum
Number of Optics 48
Airflow Depends on install
Fans & Rating One 5000 CFM
Filter Optional
Certification ETL Canada/US - CSA & UL Standards
Meet or Exceed EPA - OSHA
Standard & Guidelines
Residual O3/Non-accumulative


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Client Success Stories:

Thank you so much for introducing me to your product! Since ordering the M.D.U. for our office, I’ve noticed an amazing difference in the air quality.

Our building is currently under construction. Up to now, the smell of paint and chemicals was overwhelming. Now, there’s no smell at all. As a matter of fact, the air quality feels completely different. It even feels like the humidity has been eliminated. It has made a huge difference and we all enjoy having it here!

Thanks again!
Brooke Wilson
Esperides N.A., Inc.
Weeki Wachee, FL



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