UL Ozone Testing

The Odorox® hydroxyl generators produce a concentration of hydroxyls of approximately 2,000,000 per cubic centimeter, as measured by the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI). The Odorox® machines also produce ozone and other oxidants as byproducts due to the chemical reactions that are necessary to produce hydroxyls. The machines are designed in a way that only a minimal amount of ozone can exit the chambers of the machines. The Odorox® machine labels, operating instructions, coverage tables, and training programs provide that the XL3 and Boss machines should not be used in small occupied areas without proper ventilation, air exchange, and monitoring - See Coverage Tables and Operating Instructions.

The following UL ozone tests provide confirmation that even in small areas with strict conditions, the Odorox® machines are still safe when used as prescribed. These tests were conducted in clean rooms with minimal contamination where ozone readings are expected to be at their peak, as compared to actual job conditions where readings should be lower.  Please also note that these tests were performed in small coverage areas ranging in size from 60 square feet to 259 square feet.  When used on actual jobsites, Odorox machines are typically used for coverage areas of 1,000 - 1,500 square feet.  Under normal field conditions, ozone readings will be considerably lower and well below Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.

HGI Industries, the manufacturer of Odorox® products, explains the likelihood of “false positive” ozone readings where hydroxyls and other reactive oxygen species (ROS) may interfere and increase the ozone readings.   UL has acknowledged this possibility.  We have taken the most conservative position for purposes of our safety and training guidelines and assume that all measured oxidants are ozone.

For additional third-party safety testing, see the LRRI physical chemistry testing, the Comparative Biosciences thirteen-week toxicity study, and the Purdue University ozone testing.

The Odorox Hydroxyl Group is committed to a safety-first principle and can assist all contractors with on-site ozone monitoring to further corroborate the safety guidelines in place.  Contact us to arrange for this assistance or if you have any questions.

UL Testing

60 Sq. Foot Bathroom (PDF)
187 Sq. Ft. Conference Room (PDF)
259 Sq. Ft. Office (PDF)