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A Note from the President & CEO of Odorox Hydroxyl Group

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact our communities, our country, and our world, I want to take a moment to share some important information about how Odorox Hydroxyl Group is handling business during this period of many unknowns.

Our top priority is the safety of our team, our customers, and our clients. This is why we have always cleaned the rental machines returned to us before they are sent out again. We promise to continue with our careful cleaning process to help ensure any equipment you receive from us was properly cleaned prior to leaving our facility. 

We are remaining open for business. Our team is staged throughout the U.S. and prepared to ship machines to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Due to increased demand, we are working to build more machines to get to our customers as quickly as possible. 

If you want to know more about using Odorox machines in this area, please click here. 

Please do not hesitate to call our offices or your sales representative with any questions you may have, especially when it comes to how Odorox can be part of the protocol. For immediate help, call 888-479-7607, or reach out to Tom McArdle (National Accounts, Training, and Education) or Tom Conroy (National Accounts and Emergency Services) directly by clicking here.

Thank you, as always, for your continued business and support. Stay healthy, stay safe.

Roger Sheppard
Odorox Hydroxyl Group

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Jon-Don partners with OdorOx to sell its hydroxyl generators
Aramsco partners with OdorOx to sell its hydroxyl generators

"American Technologies, Inc. mobilized over 400+ employees due to all of the wildfires in Northern California. It is because of the Odorox hydroxyls that we were able to save multiple clients millions of dollars due to the efficiency of these machines. If it wasn’t for the hydroxyls, these clients would have lost valuable time in production and revenue. I would highly recommend Odorox to anybody in the industry as they were a game changer for us during this catastrophe.” - Ryan Moore, President American Technologies, Inc.


We specialize in the Disaster Restoration Industry and Odorox®  solutions for severe odor applications throughout the United States

We are here to help with your next project, and we understand the urgency! That's why we have Odorox® equipment available 24/7 nationwide for sale and large loss support. Our primary focus is to help facilitate the fastest, safest, and most effective odor elimination on every project.

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Michael Pinto and Wonder Makers Environmental Release Part Two Study – Odorox® Performance and Safety For Fire Restoration

are-case-study-download-imageMichael Pinto with Wonder Makers Environmental, Inc. has completed Part Two of the study regarding the safety of post-fire conditions for contractors, including the effect of the Odorox technology in these environments. A real-world fire was simulated in a test chamber and air samples were taken regularly for five days after the fire was extinguished. The overall conclusion provides that the Odorox equipment makes working conditions safer for contractors by eliminating the odors and substantially reducing the harmful VOCs, even under these worst case conditions without source removal.

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