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One of the best features of the Odorox® hydroxyl generators is how easy they are to use and maintain. The 3 primary models used for commercial applications are the Boss XL3™ unit which has 3 hydroxyl generating optics and requires a supplemental air mover, and the Boss™ and Oasis+™ units which each have 2 hydroxyl generating optics and a self-contained fan.

Attention: Remember to wear UV protective eyewear if you open the chamber of the machine while it is running. Do not look directly at the UV light without this protective eyewear while the machine is on.

The Boss XL3™, Boss™, and Oasis+™ Odorox® hydroxyl generators produce ozone and other oxidants as byproducts. Only qualified and trained technicians should operate this equipment.

Coverage Table & Safety Guidelines

Odorox® Model Number of UV Optics Typical Coverage Areas for
Moderate to Severe Odors
Do Not Use in
Occupied Areas Less than*
Oasis+ 2 500 – 1,000
sq. ft.
200 sq. ft.
Boss™  2 750 – 1,250
sq. ft.
400 sq. ft.
Boss XL3™ 3  1,000 – 1,500
sq. ft.
600 sq. ft.

Note: For other products, please contact us to discuss your specific application.

*It is important to note that individual job conditions may vary and should be properly monitored to ensure safe working conditions. Please contact us with questions pertaining to job setup.

Boss XL3 Quick Set-Up Guide (PDF) Boss Quick Set-Up Guide (PDF) Oasis+ Quick Set-Up Guide (PDF)

Odorox® Operational


Operational Instructions (PDF)

Cleaning & Maintenance


Cleaning & Maintenance Guide (PDF)