24/7 Emergency Sales & Large Loss Support

We are here to help with your next project, and we understand the urgency! 

For 24/7 Emergency Sales and Large Loss Support, Including Our Large Industrial Equipment:

Call us directly at (888) 479-7607 or fill out our form with your information.

Tom Conroy   Tom McArdle
National Accounts and Emergency Services    National Accounts and Training and Education
Cell: 804.240.9917   Cell: 305.338.8506
Email: tconroy@odoroxhg.com   Email: tmcardle@odoroxhg.com

We provide the support you need at the time you most need it. 



Our Odorox® Technology is ideal for any type of commercial fire and water cleanup including apartment buildings, condominiums, hotels, big box retail, universities and schools, manufacturing and industrial warehouse facilities, hospitals, churches, theaters, and more.

We provide for the Disaster Cleanup Industry:

  •   Emergency sales and large loss support.
  •   Industrial unit and technicians for large volume areas.

Harness the power of our Odorox® hydroxyl generators to eliminate odors AND reduce time and money spent on large losses.

  •   Deodorize Everything On Site – Treat structure, inventory, and contents simultaneously.
  •   Streamline jobs by deodorizing while you clean, dry, and demo.
  •   Treat Electronics, Leathers, Plastics, Documents, and even Artwork.
  •   Minimize business interruption by putting the insured back to work while you deodorize.
  •   Xactimate Approved - Daily Rate Codes: CLNDODHY> (Boss XL3), CLNDODHY (Boss, Oasis+).