Odorox® Applications & Products

There Are Many Disaster Applications for Odorox® 

Odorox® technology has been successfully implemented in a wide array of restoration applications, including: 

Odorox hydroxyl generators are used to treat odors for Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire and Smoke Damage

Odorox® hydroxyl generators eliminate fire, smoke, and soot odors in contents, building materials, structures, and surfaces in small and large fire and smoke damage losses.

Odorox hydroxyl generators are used for category 1 and category 2 residential and commercial water losses

CAT2 & CAT3 Water Losses

Odorox® hydroxyl equipment is used in both Category 2 and Category 3 Water Losses. Covering everything from a  residential sewage losses all the way up to the largest commercial fires.

Odorox hydroxyl generators and equipment are used on large commercial losses

Large Losses

Disaster restoration large loss covers industrial buildings, commercial buildings,
big box retail stores, schools and universities, government buildings, hospitals and clinics, and many other types of buildings and highrises.

Odorox hydroxyl generators and equipment can be used to eliminate odors from fuel oil, skunk, biohazard, sewage, fire, and water damage losses in both homes, businesses, and commercial buildings

Odor Applications

Fuel oil, skunk, and biohazard are just a just a few of the odors  that the Odorox hydroxyl generators eliminate. Odorox®'s technology is not only safer, but it is more effective than ozone, fogging, chemicals, masking agents, etc.


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