Common Applications

Eliminate Odors and Pathogens the Natural Way – Don’t Mask Them!

Odorox® hydroxyl generators have become the industry standard for eliminating odors not just in the air, but in building materials, surfaces, and contents as well.  This revolutionary green technology is not only safe, but it is more effective than ozone, fogging, filters, chemicals, scrubbers, and masking agents.  Odorox® equipment has been successfully deployed on a wide range of losses and is ideal for anything from a residential sewage job to the largest commercial fires at big box retail, office complexes, schools, hospitals, and much more.

Disaster Recovery


It's a huge advantage to be able to start deodorizing as soon as you get on a loss without worrying about harming anyone or anything.  The savings and convenience from reducing additional living expense (ALE) and business interruption costs, as well as restoring contents that would normally be considered unsalvageable, will truly be appreciated by both your customers and the insurance companies.


Emergency Contacts

Food Services


In the food services industry, first impression is everything. And today more than ever there is an emphasis on not just the food, ambiance, and service at a restaurant or bar but the overall sense of cleanliness. Restaurants that proactively address areas within their establishment to eliminate nuisance odor, pathogens and improve overall indoor air quality are more likely to provide customers with a positive experience and a desire to return.



Odorox® industrial solutions are available for the most complex air quality issues, including:

  • Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

  • Hog and Poultry , Meat Rendering Plants

  • Trash Transfer, Recycling, Compost Facilities

  • Wastewater/Sewage Treatment Facilities, Lift Stations

Child Care


Parents are concerned about germs, hygiene, and sanitation when choosing a daycare center. These worries surface again when cold and flu season starts. Parents notice kids with runny noses and coughs playing side by side with their child.  These concerns are valid, pediatricians say. With so many small kids together in a small place, daycare can be a festering ground for bacteria and viruses.

Odorox® can be utilized to provide the cleanest and healthiest environment for children. These sub-micron gaseous and natural cleaning molecules will reach every small area or surface including those that are sometimes missed by conventional cleaning methods. This technology can be used to supplement the existing best cleaning practices for the ultimate in cleanliness and hygiene. The scientifically proven ability to kill germs and viruses make Odorox®  the ideal solution for child care facilities.  



Hotels, cruise ships and rental car companies all encounter difficult odors and concerns regarding allergens, viruses, and other bacteria. Odorox® is ideal for nicotine odors, smoking room conversions, in room allergens, garbage and sewage smells, and de-odorizing hallways, common areas, and gyms. Guests will appreciate the cleanliness and freshness. Odorox® is the perfect component to “Going Green” initiatives.  Independent lab testing confirm that Odorox® destroys a variety of bacteria and viruses.  Odorox® has been FDA approved for several specific bacteria types.

Property Management


Residential and commercial property managers are often challenged with various odor concerns that can reduce the desirability or value of the property for prospects and residents. No one wants to live or work in a building with stale air or foul smells.

By bringing the power of sunshine and fresh air inside, Odorox® safely and effectively eliminates odors and pathogens created by cooking, pets, nicotine, trash rooms, sewage mishaps, painters, and contractors.  Odorox® temporary or permanent applications can be used to improve indoor air quality and provide a cleaner, healthier environment.



Odorox® patented green technology is the perfect method to de-odorize, remove pathogens and improve overall indoor air quality for all schools, including college and university buildings. Odorox® is ideal for locker rooms, below grade spaces, restrooms, fitness centers, emergency clean-ups, etc. The units are easy to operate, require little to no maintenance and can be portable and mobile, or permanently installed.

Senior Living


First impressions are everything. A foul odor can give the immediate impression that a senior living facility is not accomplishing all of its goals to attain the highest cleanliness standards. Despite exhausting efforts to clean and deodorize it is difficult to deliver on a regular basis. 

Common areas and specific problem areas can now be cleaned and deodorized with natural, green technology that is simple to use and requires very little to no maintenance. Portable Odorox® units can be used to address emergencies or permanent units can be kept in place for consistent or recurring issues. Businesses taking these types of steps to ensure a cleaner and healthier indoor environment are going to be more attractive to a potential new customer or resident.  

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