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Odorox® Equipment is Available Nationwide 24/7 for Emergency Sales and Large Loss Support


The Odorox® Hydroxyl Group is the official nationwide supplier of the patented Odorox® products to the Restoration and Disaster Cleanup Industry and its distributors. We provide 24/7 emergency sales, rental, and large loss support throughout the United States for the Odorox® equipment. We have multiple locations spanning the country to ensure equipment is quickly delivered direct to your job site. We are dedicated to serving our customers and supporting your business for any loss, however large or small.  

Odorox®  is the only patented and scientifically proven hydroxyl technology in the marketplace today. The Odorox®  technology is also successfully deployed in other industries for odor and bacteria applications including rendering plants, sewage plants, industrial warehouses, hospitality, property management, and schools and universities.

Our experienced team is here to support your business 24/7 

Our primary focus is to help facilitate the fastest, safest, and most effective odor elimination on every project.

 We want restoration contractors and insurance professionals to know they can always count on our 24/7 emergency response, and that they have deployed the very best odor elimination technology, allowing them to focus on the other important aspects of critical disasters.

Roger Sheppard

Roger_SheppardRoger Sheppard is the President of Odorox® Hydroxyl Group. His experience includes 25+ years as a business executive in the manufacturing and distribution industries.  He is recognized for his entrepreneurial style and history with successful business turnaround and startup ventures, as well as his emphasis on business strategy, execution, and cultural integrity.

Roger graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University and began his career as a CPA for Arthur Andersen & Company.  He and his wife Janine, a physician, have been married for 30+ years and are the proud parents of 3 children. 

Tom McArdle 

Tom McArdleTom McArdle is the Vice President of Odorox® Hydroxyl Group. He is an education specialist in hydroxyl technology and its application in the disaster restoration industry. He regularly travels throughout the United States to conduct seminars, workshops, and provide on-site assistance for large losses.

Tom graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in business administration. He and his wife Jillian have 4 amazing children. In his spare time, Tom enjoys cooking, Crossfit, and spending time with his family.

Tom Conroy

Tom ConroyTom Conroy is the Vice President of National Accounts and Large Loss Support. He is known for his creativity and problem solving skills, and passion for excellence in customer service and execution. His experience includes 25+ years as a senior executive in the banking industry, which involved working for companies like Bank One, Lehman Brothers, and Citigroup. 

Tom graduated from Moravian College. He and his wife Debbie have been married for 30+ years and are the parents of 4 wonderful children.

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