The Science Speaks for Itself

How the Odorox® technology stacks up against PCO technology

The patented technology used in the Odorox®  machines is very different than what other companies use.

  Odorox® PCO/Titan 4000
Eliminates Odors In the Air, On Surfaces, and Absorbed By Contents Yes No
Patent or Intellectual Property License Yes - US Patent #8257649 and #8765072 None
Measured Quantity of Hydroxyls Produced as Tested and Confirmed by Expert Third-party Lab (LRRI) Approx. 2,000,000 Hydroxyls Per Cubic Centimeter No Measureable Quantities Produced
Third-party Testing to Confirm VOC Reductions Yes - 17% Reduction Per Hour No Reductions Were Achieved
Independent Lab Studies to Confirm Efficacy Against Certain Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria, Viruses, and Black Mold (Aspergillus Niger) Species Yes - 4 and 5 Log Reductions Achieved  (i.e., 99.99+% Kill of  Aerosolized Black Mold in 1.5 hours), and FDA Approval for Specified Pathogens None Available
Minimum Relative Humidity Required 5% 60% - Additional Humidification Often Required
Requires Catalyst No – Only uses High Energy UV Light Yes - Coated Surface or Screen
Industrial Strength Equipment for Large Loss Deodorization Yes - Job Site Assistance and Emergency Rentals Available No - Light Residential Odors Only
Xactimate Approved Billing Code Yes - CLNDODHY> ≈ $225/day (includes required air mover) No
MSRP $3,800 $1,599

How the research and science stack up

According to research conducted by the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI):

  • Under highly controlled conditions, there was no evidence that the Titan 4000 was producing hydroxyls using published analytics methods capable of measuring hydroxyl concentrations as low as 5-10 ppb. The Titan is unable to produce any measurable quantity of hydroxyls and was unable to make any reduction to either of the test VOCs in the air. 
  • Under the same highly controlled conditions, the Boss™ system generated hydroxyl radicals which rapidly reacted with n-heptane producing a measurable reduction in the n-heptane concentration consistent with a hydroxyl formation rate in the hundreds of ppb.
  • The average concentration of hydroxyls distributed within the test chamber produced by the Boss™ system was consistent with that found in nature, which effectively decomposes a vast number of organic and inorganic compounds as well as kill bacteria, viruses, and mold. 


After extensive testing of the Titan 4000, LRRI detected no measurement of hydroxyls at all, and concluded that if the Titan was producing any hydroxyls, they were too few to be measured. This research confirms the observations of contractors in the field who are unable to remove odors from surfaces and contents with this product. It is very important for the restoration industry and insurance professionals to understand the significant differences in these technologies.

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