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We specialize in the Disaster Restoration Industry and Odorox®  solutions for severe odor applications throughout the United States

We are here to help with your next project, and we understand the urgency! That's why we have Odorox® equipment available 24/7 nationwide for sale and large loss support. Our primary focus is to help facilitate the fastest, safest, and most effective odor elimination on every project.


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Michael Pinto and Wonder Makers Environmental Release Part Two Study – Odorox® Performance and Safety For Fire Restoration

are-case-study-download-imageMichael Pinto with Wonder Makers Environmental, Inc. has completed Part Two of the study regarding the safety of post-fire conditions for contractors, including the effect of the Odorox technology in these environments. A real-world fire was simulated in a test chamber and air samples were taken regularly for five days after the fire was extinguished. The overall conclusion provides that the Odorox equipment makes working conditions safer for contractors by eliminating the odors and substantially reducing the harmful VOCs, even under these worst case conditions without source removal.

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For people, pets, and sensitive materials


Successfully used on thousands of fire, water, and other disasters


Patented and scientifically confirmed by independent labs

There Are Many Disaster Applications for Odorox®

Odorox® technology has been successfully implemented in a wide array of applications and provides specific benefits to various industries.

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 Find out why Odorox® continues to be the professional’s choice for odor elimination of contents and structures.

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