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We specialize in the Disaster Restoration Industry and Odorox®  solutions for severe odor applications throughout the United States

We are here to help with your next project, and we understand the urgency! That's why we have Odorox® equipment available 24/7 nationwide for sale and large loss support. Our primary focus is to help facilitate the fastest, safest, and most effective odor elimination on every project.


For 24/7 Emergency Sales and Large Loss Support, Including the Deployment of Our Large Industrial Equipment:

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Latest Independent Study Confirms Effectiveness of Odorox® Technology

are-case-study-download-imageThis series of lab studies demonstrates our ongoing commitment to important third party scientific studies to further prove the efficacy of the Odorox technology.  These studies include a broad spectrum of biologicals, and are really impressive. The technology does far more than odor elimination and the possibilities for applications in many different markets are astounding. We will also continue to seek the input of experts in the Disaster Cleanup industry to find ways our technology should be further included in other cleaning protocols.

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For people, pets, and sensitive materials


Successfully used on thousands of fire, water, and other disasters


Patented and scientifically confirmed by independent labs

There Are Many Disaster Applications for Odorox®

Odorox® technology has been successfully implemented in a wide array of applications and provides specific benefits to various industries.

 Here is what our clients experienced using the Odorox® technology:


 Find out why Odorox® continues to be the professional’s choice for odor elimination of contents and structures.

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